A Note On Deity/Spirit work!


There’s something I’d like to clear up about on Deity/Spirit work and for those starting out, whether as a beginner witch or just with working with a deity / a spirit for the first time.

There are good intentions as well as good reasons behind more experienced practitioners telling you deity work / spirit work is not for beginners, which largely is for those reasons being for your own safety and/or protection.

However, I feel it is also a bit misleading, with regards to Deity/Spirit work also.

The reason, for this, being that: it’s not to discourage you from trying to work with either a Deity or a Spirit. It’s usually because you lack experience with other areas of your practice and craft, which leads us to think you’re not quite prepared for all the needs and dangers of what working with a Deity or a Spirit entails.

Quite often, you need to know what a lot of folks commonly refer to as the Basics.” This includes knowing several means of protecting yourself/ your home and those around you, how to banish both an entity or energy should something go wrong, a means of communicating with the entity (such as a clair sense ability or a method of divination) , and several other things. And that’s just to start with. I feel it’s also important to note, that doing research on a Deity or Spirit, should not just include the myths/lore, but also any cultures their tied with, and religions/pantheons as well.

Learning to vett (as in get to know about) about a deity or spirit, can be a little confusing at first, without having done so much as read about them, let alone have ways to go about learning or beginning to talk to them.

You wouldn’t want to rush into a band claiming to know all about an instrument and music and how to play and how to do all songs at once would you? If not, then consider approaching your newfound interest with deity or spirit work much the same way. You take small steps to learn a few basic skills first, and then add on more as you grow. It will help you avoid tricksters and troubles later on a bit as you do.

by @tearoost

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