A Word of Warning [Death Witchery]


However intriguing this path of Death Witchery might be, there are signs that make it clear whether or not, now is the right time for you to be beginning this path.

If any of the following statements are true for you, now is not the right time to pursue this path:

– You think obsessively about harming or killing yourself or others.
– You find yourself crying, screaming, or needing to hit things uncontrollably on a regular basis.
– You regularly cut yourself to relieve emotional pain.
– You are taking intoxicants (drugs, alcohol) on a daily or near daily basis.
– You are experiencing mood swings that noticeably affect your interactions with others.
– You hear voices that tell you to harm yourself or others.
– You hear voices that berate you or threaten to hurt you.
– You have regular black outs in your memory where you cannot remember where you were or what you were doing.
– You are so uncomfortable around other people that you start cutting classes, calling in to work, or canceling appointments just to avoid contact.
– You engage in any behavior expressly because you know it will endanger your health and well being.

Keep in mind the list is only to be used to determine if you are or are not in a state of mind healthy enough to continue on with this class and future lessons.

source [ previous blog ]

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