Bones & Other Parts – Correspondences


▪Teeth- communication, learning other language, news, defense

▪Skull- thoughts, divination, communication, spirit work, astral

▪Spine- support, confidence, level headed

▪Arm- help, blocking (curses, hexes, psychic attacks, etc.)

▪Wrist- flexibility, hard work

▪Hand- art, artistic ability, creativity, energy

▪Fingers- fluidity, progress, endurance

▪Nails/ claws- fighting, protection, finding things out, knowledge, struggle, balance

▪Rib- agility, protection

▪Hip- endurance, keeping it together

▪leg- endurance, travel, strength

▪Ankle- movement, moving on, catalyst

▪Foot- endurance, moving on, leaving things behind, hard work, independence, luck

▪Toe- balance, help, prosperity, money, changing luck (for the better or worse)

▪Tail- agility, secrecy, alarm, cursing

▪Antlers- strength, endurance, masculine energy, Cernunnos, protection, more centered toward nature and earth, deflecting curses, and hope.

▪Horns- wealth, the home, determination, aggressive protection, more centered toward that which is man made, and cursing

▪Wings- adventure, deviating from the norm, sending/ receiving messages, travel, starting a new adventure/ path, hope, luck, wishes, comfort (let it be amplifying or taking away)

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