Hi, I saw your tarot reading request post! I’ll happily give some feedback in exchange! My ask might sound vague, but could you please ask if there are any spirits from TCM that are reaching out to me? It’s a certain franchise from which I’ve been feeling a calling, and I wanted to have that feeling either confirmed or denied. Thanks so much!


Sorry for the wait!

Deck used: Mystic Dreamer Tarot

Card drawn: 2 of Swords (position – upright)

The reading:

short answer – Undecided.

Long answer – I get the impression it is a cautious invitation, but also an open one. A tentative calling, to draw you in if you are interested, and I do feel a spirit is extending a reach to you, while also being a bit guarded as well. They ask you to do more research on what it means to work with them, if you are interested in this, but are definitely willing to begin an offer if you choose to follow through with trying to do so.

from my previous Tumblr.

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