Lesson 1 – Assignment: Initial Approach

Lesson 1.2 – The Art of Letting Go

As we begin our journey together of coming to understand death, it is best, at first to start small. We experience a little death with every significant change, after all, and it follows that our first step would be to initiate such a change in our own lives. 

We experience a type of death whenever we let go of an old habit or self image, for example. Every time we cut away the old to make way for the new, we are making that transition. Especially when there is an element of sacrifice and an element of the unknown, that change we make can be viewed a type of death.

Your lesson and assignment for this time is to consider and answer the following:

-What is a kind of sacrifice you either have had to make in the past year, or are planning to make to initiate change in your own life? Do you feel this change was a positive or negative one?

– What is your personal view of death in general?

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