Lesson 1 – Preface – It’s about Death

I’ll be sharing the notes from my previous lessons from the class  on Death Witchery – I was teaching in the server , along with the follow up assignments I had for along with them. for further study.

Lesson 1 – Preface – It’s about Death

This class is about death.

What’s more, it is one way to learn how to immerse yourself in the energies of death. Considering that most of us have a deeply held fear of dying, at this point, you may be wondering, “Why on earth would someone want to immerse themselves in death energy?“ 

Consider that, in the tarot deck, the Death card does not necessarily mean that the person in the reading is going to die. Rather, instead, the Death card represents change. 

The energies of death are in fact the energies of change, which pulls us out of stagnation and encourages us to grow. However, both death and change can be and are still frightening, intimidating processes to confront, so to understand the purpose and importance of both, it is necessary to first understand death itself.

So what is the work laid out in this class?:

It is a complete class that seeks to both teach you about death and how to approach working with the energies of death safely. You start from the position of life and will be seeking to find a balance, by learning about how to incorporate death into your life. The goal is to learn to have experiences with a bit of both, allowing you to freely interact with either at will. After all the energies of death, are the energies of change but also of transformation.

How do you know if working with death is the right journey for you?

There is a restlessness in you, a need for greater balance in your life. Perhaps you find yourself seeking out the shadows, partly because the darkness is in such danger of being completely eclipsed by the light. Too many people equate death and darkness with evil and so they shut these things. 

And, yet, instinctively, you see life and death not as forces working in opposition to one another, but instead, forces that are necessary complements to one another. You know this profoundly, because you feel the dark places in you coexisting with the light, and rather than shrink from this, you have studied it, and come to realize that your power comes from the two forces working in tandem.

Others of you may have had this path thrust suddenly before you. Perhaps someone close to you has died, or you have experienced a close call yourself. Either way, you find yourself more curious about death and it’s meaning than you were before. A part of you wants assurance that death is not the end. Another part of you wants to touch it, taste it, come to know it intimately so that your fear will melt away. 

Still others of you, have had an encounter with something from the Other side. Maybe this was a ghost. Maybe you don’t really know what it was you experienced. 

But the encounter has left you curious, and you may have come seeking answers. You want to understand how to reach out and make contact with that other side, and you’ve realized that such knowledge can be obtained by learning more about the threshold that separates life from death.

Whatever your story, something in your life has whispered to you about the existence of a door, and you want to see what waits on the other side.

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