Welcome to Root Tea (aka: Hey, there, Tumblr!)

This blog is generally a place for me to be exploring witchcraft and spirit work while walking my own path as a witch and also living my life, as I record little bits and pieces along the way from my daily experiences.

Let’s be aware, that this blog is my safe place, not yours. – In general, just don’t be an asshole and we’ll probably get along just fine.

Nice to meet you.

My name is Ciera. I go by my real name. Sometimes I like to go by one of my two alias/usernames or some derivative of them, which are RootTea and TeaRoost. My preferred pronouns are she/her but they/them is fine too.

I’m currently 33 years old, a woman officially diagnosed as disabled since childhood, who currently works on a part-time basis, lives with her significant other – aka my hubby, Alden – in our apartment, together with our male cat, Malley.

I work with spirit companions and servitors, and I have a devotee relationship with my main Deity/Patron, Cernunnos. I prefer working with divination, using tools, and trying to incorporate crafts and things on hand into my practice.

I also like doing tarot readings and currently offer them for free here on this blog, indefinitely. These are open to visitors and followers, alike. You can read more about that here on my page [ Tarot ].

Things I’ll be posting about on this blog include:

  • Arts and Crafts (DIY, Art, Crafts, Sewing, etc)
  • Divination (Methods, Spreads, Tarot, Readings, Lenormand, Oracle, etc)
  • Spirit & Deity Work (Communication, Resources, Correspondences, Offerings, Items, etc)
  • Witchcraft (History, Practice, Spells, Rituals, Notes, etc)
  • Off Topic (photos, life in general, etc)
  • Discussions (reblogs / comments, thoughts, opinions, etc)

Feel free to interact with this post!

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