Hi ciera im hoping i can get some advise thru a tarot reading if possible. I’m C♉️ btwI quit my job at NA about a month ago as it was taking such a heavy toll on my health bc of the ridiculously toxic work hrs (well into midnight and saturdays too) and workload. It was a management trainee job which honestly the nature of was something i truly enjoyed. I immediately found a new job as admin staff at FC with much lower pay than my old job but it promised a healthier work life balance. This one tho is taking its toll on my finances. I’m thinking of quitting and finding a new job altogether. Will this be a wise decision on my end or should I stick my guns.. if possible can you explain also why it would be wise or unwise.Thanm you so much!

Card drawn – 2 of Pentacles (reversed position)

Undecided. – I would suggest sticking to your guns. And seeing if you can negotiate with the current work place, to try to work something out, before looking for a new job altogether. This would be wiser, as it’s at least letting you have the option to try, without hurting your finances further.

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