Helloooo, don’t worry at all, surely if that happened that way it is because the Universe didn’t want me to have the answer yet. 🌼 When you talk about him questioning the state of things, what do you mean? (could you paraphrase it in another way please?) However, it resonates with me a lot that he is confusing, he is contradicting himself all the time. He can’t even tells me that he loves me, just that he feels attraction.And thank you so much for your time and energy 💗



Card drawn – Death (upright position)

When I talked of this – I mean he’s working towards change. He’s figuring out his own emotions and his own stance on the connection. Readying himself to if he’s sure he loves you or not. He does feel an attraction but might not be ready to commit to love or not yet.

That resonates a lot, because indeed is the actual situation we are living. Thank you so much for your reading and your time!♥️

No problem, glad it resonates!

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