Focus on Self

It’s been a rough few weeks. Almost all month, if I’m being honest. September hasn’t been the best.

It’s circled back to needing to focus on self. It’s time to take care of things at home, starting with not necessarily forcing ourselves to be positive, but not letting things feel toxic in our mindsets. It’s easy to slip into depression when things are rough, and, financially, things are a little tight at the moment, budget-wise.

Been off and on low on food, low on things we need for the house/supplies, and even essentials like toilet paper and food & supplies for the cat. It’s hard when you depend on money from paycheck to paycheck, and something happens, whether it’s fewer hours or lack of any hours at all. Then, when folks aren’t showing up who’ve agreed to help, and, are supposed to meet with us, kind of sets us back even more.

This is just a small vent I guess.

We’re okay for the moment. Our bills are paid through September. We have food and things to drink, also supplies are stocked for now. It’s just October’s end when things might be a little hard again because that’s when bills will be due once more.

Somehow, we’ll manage and make it work. Just need to be careful.

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