Tips for Making a Grimoire

Tips for Making a Grimoire:

Just get started. No, seriously. There’s no time like the present and the more you put it off, the harder it will be to get motivated. Include History: the history of you, your coven (if you’re in one), how you got into your current path, etc. When something works, document it. – Include the intention of the spell, materials needed/used, instructions/words used with the spell, and the results. Also, document when something DOESN’T work – it can be important to figure out where you went wrong. Start writing down the purpose of your spells. Make detailed notes on what you use. including substituted materials, if any, and why. Besides words or spoken things, note any gestures or movements as well. Also include the phase of the moon, if you’d like, or the sun, the time of day, and any spirits or deities present.

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