Wait, dragon “magick” is closed? Literally every result that comes up when I Google it is DJ Conway, who I’ve heard secondhand is a less-than-reputable source.



He’s a terrible source for everything he’s written about, just so you’re aware anon.

My friend Ciera over in @roottea says that a specific branch (Draconic Wicca) requires initiation after study, but it’s not specialized to a particular demographic of people like Hoodoo and Voodoo/Vodou are; in addition, other forms of dragon magic are open. Given that she’s an actual practitioner, I trust her more than anyone else.

Also, dragons as a concept aren’t closed. There are dragons in all kinds of stories in many variations of limbs or no limbs. Overly Sarcastic Productions actually talks about dragons (from a writer’s perspective) in Red’s episode “Trope Talk: Dragons”. It really shows just how many things we call dragons.


hi, draconic practitioner here! just wanted to add a little bit (about general draconic practices, not draconic wicca) —

like jasper said dragon magic isn’t closed in the way that Hoodoo and Voodoo/Vodou are. however, a lot of draconic practitioners hold the belief that the dragon has to ‘choose you’ as well (in other words — the dragons are the ones that ‘gatekeep’ the practice, not humans). this is rooted in the belief that dragons don’t necessarily trust humans, especially given how they’re typically villainized in the west (of course eastern folklore and mythos is a different story, but you get the gist).

i personally believe this as well, however i view it similarly to work with other deities/entities. by this i mean a) you can still honor them and all that and see if they’re willing to work with you, and b) it’s entirely possible for them to say no for whatever reason.

also, i feel like dragon magic/practices can come off as closed because (at least in my experience) a lot of what we learn and do is kept secret for one reason or another (this kind of bleeds into the mistrust thing for me, but it may differ for other practitioners).

but also, keep in mind that resources on draconic magic are incredibly limited, and a lot of us go off UPG.

also, if you want to get into dragon magic, i still recommend DJ Conway’s books. HOWEVER, be *very critical* when you read them and read these books as you would any other person’s UPG. it’s useful to learn about others’ experiences and learnings especially in a practice that, again, has very limited resources and heavily relies on UPG. but do not treat what others say as pure fact.

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