Various Things You Can Put in a Grimoire

Ritual Extras
Supplementary materials in a book of shadows that has meaning for you and can be used at a moment’s notice in various rituals.
Calls and Charges
A call is an invitation to an deity (or spirit) to attend a ritual, and it’s a part of some witch rites. Charges are good to use in place of a call, if the mood strikes. (The word charge is actually an old masonic term and refers to a set of instructions.)

Others things you can note in your Grimoire:

Witch Words/Terms (List and/or meanings)
Witch word examples:
Athame ( a knife used for rituals or spells)
Mabon (Autumn Equinox / Sabbat , as of the 1970′s)
Cowan (from free masonry) – ( means a non – witch)

Many witches connect with particular deities and god – forms and will often dedicate a part of their “book of shadows” or grimoires to these goddesses or gods.
You might include information on your relationship with a particular deity , such as when they first approached you (or vice versa). and what that means to you.

The history of you, your practice, your coven, etc.

Familiars and Pets
Pets, and spiritual familiars as well.
Record what they’ve brought to your life
When they entered / exited
and what they’ve taught to you

Your magic
spells/spell work

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