Fire Emblem: Crossed Existences – Part 1

A storm rains down hard on a shed as the clouds are pitch black. Inside a raging war goes on between two strong beings. The Demon King Elivise and the Dimensional Peacekeeper Auridon.

Their battle shakes the skies of four dimensions. The thunder crashes shaking the land and lightning hits parts of the four dimensions lands making irregularities in areas of it.

In one of these dimensions lives a girl who may be the key to stopping the end of all existence.

In another one of these dimensions lives a boy who may have started the war between the two beings.

Time, Space, and more cross as they are pulled into… Fire Emblem: Crossed Existences.

Outside the entrance to the Goldoan Kauku caves is a small forest. This forest is home to some individuals who were able to stay secret from the dragons and make a home just near the caves.

She was among those who lived in secret in the forest. The girl with intensely bright blue hair and pale green eyes. She was quiet, amiable, and out of place amongst the trees, she tried to stay hidden within as she made her way past.

Most who lived there were poor folk who were driven out of Begnion by the high class or slaves who ran away. Laguz and Beorc existed alongside each other there with very little conflict due to the bounds of abandonment or shackles both beorc and laguz wore. Among them, however, was a different one. A person who both sides were mostly afraid or felt anger towards. A Branded living in a shack in the woods. He only appeared at night and in the day he would lock himself away leaving only mystery to others. As she made her way through the trees children threw rocks at the shack constantly.

Child: come on out demon! I will slay you! I am general Zelgius of Begnion! you have met your end!

Child 2: is it really in there? the thing that isn’t like us or the laguz?

Child 3: my dad told me that it eats people.. we should leave before it gets mad!

Child: I’m not afraid of it! ill beat it down with my trusty sword Alondite! come on out you vile beast! hyah!

They continued to throw rocks as they hit the door and sides of the shack.

She frowned at the children, but picked up a nearby branch and smacked it soundly against the trunk of a tree behind them, after sneaking up close to get their attention. – “Would you kids knock that off? Just cause their different doesn’t make them an it, and you can’t believe everything you hear!”

The children looked noticing the noise and the two of them backed away hiding behind the leader. He huffed and growled at her pointing a stick to her Child: Stay out of this weirdo! you’re a monster too! you look weird and creepy!

She smiled, baring her teeth in a grin at him. “Oh yeah? Well, this creepy weirdo can best your stick and I bet you should be going back now. Leave this person’s home alone! Or else, I’ll just have to come and throw stones at you instead. ” Reaching down swiftly, she picked up one of the rocks they’d been tossing and lobbed it through the air over his shoulder. Not hurting them, just trying to scare the kids off.

the two yelped as the main one growled Child: don’t be scared of this branded lover! I am a hero of Begnion! Zelgius!

A voice rang out around them. Oh really…

the children blinked and looked around. the area grew quiet as the shack cracked open. Inside a hooded figure looked at them with red eyes ?: then can you fight me? Skrimir of the Gallian forces?!

they shivered and the child blinked growling but aiming his stick toward the cloaked figure shaking now in his voice Child: I-I’m not afraid of no.. l-laguz king..

he smiled and pulled a book from his sleeves ?: neither am I… I captured him in this book! he opened the text as it shined out and sent a giant lion image at them. They screamed as the child tossed the stick in the air and the children ran away terrified.

The girl blinked, seeing the children running away, and dropped the branch, holding her stomach now as she bent over a little as she started to laugh. “Serves them right!”

He sighed revealing his face from the cloak and closed the book grinning and smiling ?: children.. so easy to terrify. Lights and reflections can do wonders. he opened it again showing the book closely revealing glass inside with a figure of a lion image in it reflecting from the sun.

She smiled, standing back up straight and taking a look over at him. “Nice trick, but good point. Though without a bit of a lesson now and then how else will they learn?”

he blinked looking at her, then went back inside his shack closing the door shut.

She stared at the door as it shut before her, a moment in surprise, but walked over to it after and tapped on it twice. “Um…Hello?” She called out to the shack.

inside he spoke softly ?: no one home. try again in four hundred years.

“If you weren’t home, you wouldn’t have answered.” She pointed out.“ Besides, just watched you walk back in.”

he spoke back calmly ?: fine but you should go. Usually, when this happens I’m visited by “Other” guests.. more annoying than children.

“Other guests? So their parents then?’ She questioned, curiously. "Does this really happen that often?”

he spoke again ?: ask them, they’re right behind you…

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