Kitchen/Soup Correspondences

**A short list of correspondences: **

  • Chicken Broth/Stock: Uncrossing, new growth, fertility, sacrifice, New beginnings, rebirth
  • Turkey Broth/Stock: Close connections to Earth, generosity, inspiration, bounty, blessings
  • Beef Broth/Stock: New beginnings, femininity/female power, fertility, strength, balance
  • Pork Broth/Stock or Bacon: Intelligence, good luck, prosperity, curiosity, discovering new things
  • Fish Broth/Stock: Close connections to Water, health, improving oneself, the unconscious mind, awareness, fertility, good luck, wishes, change
  • Shellfish/Clam/Mussel Broth/Stock/Soup/Chowder: Protection, stopping lies/gossip/rumors, removal or treatment of stubbornness, honesty, truth, close connections to both Water and Earth, living a natural life
  • Shrimp Broth/Stock: love, abundance, fertility, trying new things, moving forward
  • Cheese base/Milk base soup/Chowder: Beauty, femininity, love, self-love, purification, rebirth
  • Tomato Soup: Protection, prosperity, love, uncrossing, femininity, romance and passion, negation of negativity and evil
  • Pumpkin Soup: Healing, prosperity, love, protection, granting wishes
  • Squash Soup: Psychic awareness, spiritual enlightenment
  • Corn Chowder: connections to the sun, luck, prosperity, abundance
  • Onion Soup: protection, keep evil away, healing, banishing, stability, exorcism, money, lust, and ends bad habits
  • Pea Soup: Kindness, connections with Air
  • Mushroom Soup: psychic enhancement, connections to Earth, longevity, strength, immortality
  • Curry/Curry Soups: banishing, healing, prosperity, protection from negativity
  • Soups with Noodles: Longevity, uncrossing
  • Soups with Rice: prosperity, blessing, money and wealth, security, good fortune to come
  • Soups with Barley: Love, Healing, Protection

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