Some History on Our Cat

some history on Malley

He’s a rescue fur baby. we had moved into our building back in August 2018. He actually got abandoned at our building as a Lanky kitten teen – (our best guess, since he filled in body wise and got bigger/taller later on)

– in september of 2018. we were originally fostering him but we foster failed and kept him, since the shelters had no room. – aand we got permission from our landlord to keep him. Had him ever since.

he’s been neutered and cleared health wise – – aside from a nasal sounding purr from a thing he was born with. not idea of his prior owners before us, they left him at our building with only an empty food bowl – and some cat litter/a litter box, with a note that said, “buddy needs a home. ”

– he has some fleas in the beginning, but he’s flea free.

– and he;s a bit of a coward, but he warms up once he gets used to you. he loves to give headbutts and get scritches. he eats/adores cat nip. and we trained him to meow before he gets a bit of wet food. – lol

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