The Importance of Ritual Cleansing in Witchcraft

Regardless of your chosen path, the importance of ritual cleansing may remain one thing, that you will end up debating on.

*note: with that in mind, this is based on my experiences, research, and opinion.

“What is ritual cleansing?” – It is also known as ritual purification.

One way it is defined is as follows:
– ritual purification is the purification ritual defined and used in practice, by which a person is considered to be free of ‘uncleanliness. ’ – especially prior to the worship of a deity, in the case of a religion’s sense, and ritual purity in a state of ritual cleanliness. Ritual purification can also apply to objects and places, as well as a person or people.

How I define it:

It is essentially the process of purification in ritual, to cleanse one of uncleanliness , while also clearing out your energies and bringing them to a balance state. Or, else clearing an area, object, place, or your person, of any outside forces or energies.

An example of smoke cleansing ritual in witchcraft:

  • Light a candle
  • Set an intention
  • and then light the stick of incense using the candle
  • blow out the open flame, on the incense stick, so the embers are glowing and the smoke is still rising
  • with one hand, bring the smoke against your heart, over your head, and down the front and back to cleanse yourself.

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