Angel girl [Mia]

from my old account – TheRootTea
original is here: Chaotic Hearts [Mia/angel girl speedpaint]
originally for/from my project, A World Revealed.

Being used now for the Paperdemon Art RPG.
Also, on paperdemon: Angel Girl – Mia (

Character Name: Mia

Character Age: 22

Character Species: Angel

Hair color: dark orange

Eye color: blue

Biography: She lived a fairly sheltered existence, hidden away among angels due to the circumstances of her birth. She grew up on the edges of Angel territory and has only just reached the age of the right to explore the outside world. She has a gift for singing and likes to read, more than fight. She had a mentor named Etias, at one point, who raised her for most of her life.  She is a quick learner and curious. 

art by: @roottea

aka SweetRoost on deviantART

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