Devotional for Pop Culture Deities

Blurred faces and liminal spaces, crushed petals and open places, something runs along the shadows, of the hallowed out corners, cobwebs deep and long buried in the worn-out paces. Echoes of nostalgia, the warmth of the sun’s touch forgotten, replaced instead by the mountains of memory and tread on labyrinths of long past footfalls of the path before them. They who remember, who linger, who dwell within reach for those who long to search and to seek. The gods of the obscure, the ones who long for the reach of those with open minds and those who learn, who wish to meet and are to greet them, once they begin. There are circles of threads carving deeper still, will it all be fruitful, or all for null, dwell into the lull of the call and find out once and for all.

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