Apparently I have terf rhetoric on my page? *stares in non-transitioning xenogender neopronoun user* I mean I have no fucking clue where tf it is but if someone could enlighten me. I’d love to fucking know. The only thing I can think of is my post on Ymuna? I can understand, with how I created her, how it could kinda come off as a bit terfy? Like with the whole “womb magick” and “motherhood” thing maybe? But even then, womb magick is like… an ACTUAL practice that’s even done by those without uterus’s and non-fingender uterus havers. Like if someone took that as terf rhetoric then maybe just idk ASK ME TO CLARIFY? Is that rlly so fucking hard?

Apparently I also have other “red flags” on my blog. The only other ones I can rlly think of is I said I’m a starseed and I already clarified that I use it in a reclaimed matter. And the fact that I said that Lilith isn’t closed. Which, in my defense, from every single Jewish person that ik they’ve either said one of two things.

1) She’s not closed bc she’s not originally Jewish (she’s Sumerian/Mesopotamian).

2) She’s semi-closed to non-Jewish ppl as you shouldn’t reach out first but if she reaches out then it’s ok. (Which means that it would still be ok to work with her).

I will admit that the confusion from my last post was my fault as I only mentioned one Jewish person and their opinion and I should’ve made it clear that I’ve never seen Lilith as fully closed bc every single Jewish person that ik said that she’s not. That is my fault, and I am sorry,

The only other things I can think of as “a red flag” is the fact that I work with Allah. Which again, I’ve done my research. I’ve met several other Muslims and Muslim witches that fully support me. I understand if you have concerns and I 100% know damn well that there will be many Muslims who don’t support me.

But I grew up Christian. If somebody decided to convert to Christianity, become a witch, and then bring other gods into their practice as well even tho the majority of Christans who tell them to fuck off, I’d fully support them bc that’s their practice and the Christian god isn’t closed by any means. I wouldn’t tell them to either be a Christian or stop worshipping Yah bc “well the majority of Christians no likey so it’s a no-no”.

Anyways this is just a bit of a rant. Again, I’m not looking for discourse. If you wanna maybe ask me questions then fine but don’t be surprised if I don’t answer ur ask. I just had a seizure the other day so I practically have like no spoons and zero fucks.

  • Being a “non-transitioning xenogender neopronoun user” doesn’t exclude you from having terf rhetoric on your blog.

Here are the red flags, as mentioned:

  • You claim to be of multiple religions/paths, actively.
  • (You have claimed Muslim practice/prayer ( here )
  • you acknowledge they are different paths ( here )
  • you specifically say yourself as not being of discourse, but you also tag yourself, as Catholic, Muslim, Polytheistic Pagan, and Theistic Satanist. ( here )
  • You acknowledge the differences in holidays, but ignore the conflicts of beliefs collectively. [ here ]
  • You claim what you believe about satanism is one of your truth, but refuse to acknowledge why you’d want to be not associated with the sources ( here )
  • experiences with the Christian god ( here )
  • you spell magic with a K ( here )

here are some follow-ups.

The problem has absolutely nothing to do with your being polytheistic, a witch, having had or having multiple beliefs. The initial concern stemmed from your sharing of the post, about your thoughtform deity, which led to the digging into your other posts, and history on your blog, which raised the red flags above.

For informative purposes, Satanism by itself was not the red flag. Nor any of the other religions/paths and beliefs by themselves.

Magic spelled by a K is a specific spelling historically tied to Aleister Crowley, who is not only problematic, for many reasons, but raises a red flag of concern for those who use the said spelling as a result, especially for someone claiming to be an intermediate witch, such as yourself, which you have also noted and self tagged yourself as such.

Further reading on Aleister crowley: ( history ) &

Reasons here’s problematic/ what he’s tied to:

Aleister Crowley (The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King, The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians)

  • Antisemitic
  • He also appropriates from Jewish people.
  • Appropriation
  • He built his reputation on appropriating closed cultures.
  • Bigot
  • Faked his death
  • Misinformation
  • Misogynist
  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • To quote, “Crowley described women as "moral inferiors” who had to be treated with “firmness, kindness, and justice”.
  • He goes through girlfriends like tissue paper. He often had women in his life fulfill one role—he would typically draw them into his circle, ply them with substances and with his noteworthy charisma, and before long, they would start spouting secret knowledge on his behalf, often enduring some very questionable conditions.
  • He committed his wife Rose Edith Kelly to an asylum because of "alcohol dementia” a few years after their divorce.
  • He also cut his next wife, Mary Desti, on the arm during her trances if she ever started a sentence with “I”. Eventually, she left him and he went and got another mistress.

you equated divine feminine with female deity/womb magic, which is terf rhetoric and also trans / LGBTQ exclusive, as well as has ties to Wiccan beliefs that exclude women in that regard that don’t identify with their birth gender.

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