Gentle reminder/message of positivity for today:

I hope someday you’ll learn to sit down and laugh at your past mistakes, and triumphs – without wishing you could go back to these days. Because you’ve grown or changed, it’s made you learn both your limits and your weaknesses, and helped shape your current self. It may be a rollercoaster sort of ride of ups and downs, but the waves will always inevitably settle down at some point, – and give you a moment of clarity on how far you’ve come and survived to make it to who you are and who you chose to be. I’m so proud of all you make it through and are getting through, and you’ll do great. remember to give yourself a gentle pat or hug, once in a while. Today’s a day when your past self is looking at you with wide eyes and wonder, like so amazed at all you do and have done.

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