KTL- Chapter 1 – Crossing the Line

The years have begun to blur like the crossing patches of colors in the early dawn. Alas, even the clearest of images clung to in the sharpest of memories recalled, begin to fade, and are at times even forgotten. The feeling of being numb takes its toll on even the most patient of souls. There’s something to be said for experience, however.

It is this sort of thought that occurs in the mind for one young woman, on that very morning. At least, she is trying to convince herself of such a reassurance, even as she is toiling away at work, even as the sun just begins to rise over the horizon. Giving it’s light to the city of Calbrion, the buildings revealed from the shadows of the previous night, are cast with the glows of red and orange. This makes the already dull yellow bricks of old age, cast into an even darker soft brown. It reminds the girl of the color of mud, even as she’s dipping the rag into a bucket to scrub the very same from the floors of the arena. She is one of the caretakers of the outer rim, and it is her job to clean a small section of the many halls that literally make the arena a maze of sorts to visitors and regular clients alike.

A yellow band around her upper arm marks her as a worker here, and it is the very same that draws the attention of one of the gate guards. A gruff man of a stock stature, cloaked in a robe and armed with elbow guards and a sword at his waist, makes his way towards her, calling out to her as he makes his way there. “Oi, you there! Caretaker!”

“Yes?” She pauses, wondering what he could need.

“Come with me. The task master has assigned you to the catacombs for today.” He told her. She looked to him in surprise, but gave a nod.. He led her off without a moment’s hesitation, hardly even giving her a moment to be picking up her bucket and rag as she followed him.

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