Ciera Elizabeth Hoover

I’m Ciera, a woman with a love for laughter, a passion for creating, and who enjoys writing in her blog about her experiences, while exploring witchcraft.

Art, Life, & Witchcraft.

I’m a 33-year-old woman who is from Ohio and who lives in an apartment with my husband, Alden. He’s who I love with all my heart and he is also my best friend. Oh, and we share our lives with a stubborn male cat, named Malley.

I like creative things, fantasy stories, drawing as well as writing in my spare time. I also dabble in gaming and game development, sometimes. I like to laugh. I run a discord server in my spare time and I also like to blog.

Topics I Discuss:

Artwork and Projects

Games and Gaming

Books and Reviews

Witchcraft and Spirit work

Welcome to the Roost.