Beings of Legend – Part 2 – Meeting for the First Time

In a city that is targeted by the Light and Dark wars, people flee for cover as the first of each forces move there. Some flee others are arriving for special tasks. They know the first to arrive in the sky cities known as Paragrins, are the twin Sisters leading both sides. Arriving through a crowded gate a boy slips into the city. Shops close as doors are nailed shut while others complain and some stay. He slips into the streets and makes his way deep into the city to the mana circle that allows the grounders to be warped to the sky citys. Knowing the Sister of the Angels as a calmer and kinder person than her sister, he goes to the portal leading to her. In the Paragrin of Angels he could only see clouds below and angels flying in the sky with three temples made of silver floating on clouds. The largest was Angela’s temple, the leader of the Angels. He made his way to her using the stairs that were made from light mana however A line was formed there with many in front. He growled a bit waiting in line and looking ahead seeing mostly poor figures of elders but also a young girl ahead of him by three people.

She was gazing up, watching the angels flying overhead in the skies. Her long blonde hair falling loosely past her shoulders and down her back, as she quietly waited her turn in line with the rest. Her gaze was lit up, almost of if excited by the sight of them, but her mouth betrayed her, real emotion with a small frown. giving her a frustrated look.

He smiled thinking of a plan and walked passed the others waiting in line then smiled to her and quickly hugged her “Darliing!” The people looked as he hugged her.

She looked as he hugged her, tensing up. “Eh?!” Her head snapping up as she looked to him in surprise. “What do you think your doing?”

He let go and shook his head. “It’s okay honey I made it safely from the demons. It’s important we have Sister Angela’s blessing for the children right? She just called us too lets go!” He held her hand in his and moved forward but two angels appeared in front of them.

The first Angel spoke up. “Hey, wait in line!”

The second angel questioned them. “Where are you going?”

She sighed, shaking her head. “I’m trying to wait in line, then he came!”

He shook his head “My wife is kind of delirious from the plague you see I was asking her to wait while I sent our children to their grandmothers. I was only gone a second.”

She glared at him. “Are you insane?! I don’t even know you!”

The angel man huffed. “Excuse me? Your wife? The plague?”

He nodded and sighed. “She’s becoming more delirious as we wait! Please assist us!”

He closed his eyes, thinking. “Hmm if what you say is true.. then your situation is very dire indeed..”

He blinked and nodded. “Yes it is! and we must flee before the battle starts but the blessing can save my wife from more effects of the plague!”

He smirked as the angels readied their spears. “I understand… however your plague could be contagious to all these people, and the Sister should not waste her time healing all of them. I will purge you from this world and make you and your wife loyal soldiers to our army to save our Sister from that burden!”

He blinked as the spears were pointed to them. “Oh… yeah you could do that too.. hehehe..”

She yelled out. “Oh for cripes sake, the fool is lying! and you can put down your spears, geez, cause there’s not anything to catch!” She looked to the angels, frowning. She pulled a glove off her left hand and touched the side of the spear point closest to them, melting it with her bare hand. “- and could you get those away from us, won’t you please?”

He blinked looking as the spear melted then whistled for more angels as they flew in. They surrounded them as he smirked and the boy sighed. “I didn’t want it to come to this.. but..”

A voice called out to them. “All of you stop.”

They looked as the angels suddenly gasped and kneeled down. An old woman walked out accompanied by a four winged angel guard. She looked with her eyes to the two of them and squinted smiling “Yes, you two, I have been waiting for you. Come along now.” She walked inside the temple and disappeared. The boy blinked surprised then walked passed the angels after the elderly woman.

The girl blinked, but gloved her hand quickly and followed them both in confusion. “Waiting..for us?” –
as they followed in after the woman. They entered the temple as angels floated around the room preparing it. The elderly woman sat down and smiled while the angel guards were dismissed. She set out blank cards and began to wait as they glowed with a white aura. “Hmmm so then what have you came for?”

The girl looked to the old woman. “Truthfully I don’t really know…I’m just tired of seeing the suffering so many go through because of this war.. Can it really not end somehow? If so, why not?”

Angela shook her head. “I am sorry child, This war cannot end.. or we would be visited by worser things. I have not the power to see the future ahead of us but I can say that their are things that may make your lives better.”

The boy huffed. “You waited in line and almost got me killed for that? Peh!”

Angela looked to him smiling. “And you child, I see you are part of the Likwai tribe. What was it you wanted? hmm?”

He smiled. “I am Kvati of the Likwai.. err yeah. I want you to give me your blessing to venture into the warzone lands. I want to take the Challenge of the Angels and help them get more power. I have personal reasons but my main reason is to see the devils be pushed away from here for good!”

The girl rolled her eyes, with a soft huff at the woman and the boy. “Your the one who rushed us ahead and almost got us killed.. And for what, for a cause for more fighting? Bah!”

The card glowed brightly revealing ten swords. She shook her head. “You cannot make it child. The fates are not in your play.”

The girl blinked, looking to the card curiously. “But wasn’t that blank before…?”

She nodded. “The cards reflect your emotions and your fates. I see much in your eyes young man, you have a small chance at completing the task but a great loss may make you never return.”

He hesitated then shook his head and kneeled down. She blinked looking to him. “I just need.. I just need time.. let me do this Sister.. I beg of you..”

The girl looked to him then.- You really care about what ever your trying to protect, don’t you?”

Another card glowed and revealed itself, now eight wands appeared. She blinked and looked to the girl smiling and nodding. “Hmm.. I see.. yes.. alright I will let you handle this task. However, you will go with this girl to do this task.”

She blinked. “Wait…what?”

He blinked looking surprised. “What? What does she have to do with this? I can’t be slowed down by this dreamer!”

The girl snapped her gaze towards him. “This dreamer? excuse me?!”

he shook his head and pointed to her. “You heard me. Coming here with that ridiculous question!” He then looked to Angela. “The cards can’t say anything about her – what about the fourth card?”

Angela smiled and nodded. “It is true their are four card readings.. however this is your true fate young man, two cards are all that’s needed to see it.”

He growled and shook his head. “I don’t need her..”

She shook her head. “You may not think that way when your life is at stake. You young man are rash and impulsive and racked with many emotions. You could be overcome by them and fall into the plagues influence, becoming what you are trying to prevent.”

He gasped and looked shivering then turned away. “Ugh…”

Angela looked to the girl. “Young woman, your name please.”

The girl blinked. “My name is Aithne.”

She smiled and held out her hand. “I ask you child of the ground dwellers, go with this one and find the Seraphin tree. Maybe then your wish and hope can be fulfilled.”

The girl fell quiet but looked over at him for a moment but gave a nod to the woman after a long stare. “Alright.. but where do we find this tree?”

Angela nodded and held out a card. A picture of a large castle was on it. The castle had the mark of a ram “This card will guide you. Go east until you find the castle on this card. It is Aries Castle.”

Kvati sighed and shook his head walking off. “That’s all I needed to know. Thanks for something.” He headed out of the room as Angela smiled, laughing softly.

She took the card with a nod, looking to it, but followed after him out of the room after a quick bow to the woman. “Thanks..! Ugh.. wait up!” She jogged to try to catch up to him.

As she made her way out Angela waved her off. Ahead of her halfway to the warp portal, Kvati walked quickly and stopped. He looked to her growling “Don’t make me wait.”

Aithne looked to him as she finally caught up since he stopped. “Look, you need this for what you want , right? I’m supposed to go with you, so you can get it. And I’m going so you can succeed. Whether you like it or not!”

He huffed and waved his hands, sighing. “Fine, fine.” He stepped on the portal and waved to her. “Let’s go then dreamer troublemaker.”

She stepped onto it after him, but smiled a bit. “So now dreamer and troublemaker huh? Geez!”

The portal glowed and they were teleported to the ground. As they arrived he blinked seeing a white glow around the both of them. He smiled and nodded. “The blessing. Good. Now for the other.. ” He walked over to a red portal spot and looked back at her. “I’ve got business with Devillia, don’t think of coming with me.”

She frowned, looking towards him. “Other what? And what’s to stop me? Am I just supposed to wait here for you?”

He growled. “That’s what you should do! be obedient and stay put. If you go with me, you’ll only cause trouble. This has to be done carefully and calmly.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m not that much trouble, and you caused the trouble in the last place by rushing ahead!”

He looked to her with a glare. “I’m serious! if you wanna go with me you wont say a word you wont mention anything to anyone especially the angels got it? Theirs too much at stake for me to let you mess it up.”

She looked to him in earnest. “I’m going with you. If you need me to be silent the whole time, then fine. I’ll pretend I’m mute while we’re there. Look, I understand you’re really serious about what you’ve set out to do. I won’t ruin it for you.”

He nodded. “Good. Let’s get started then.” He headed into the portal and disappeared. She gave a nod and stepped into the portal as well.

Inside the area it was exactly the same only this time devils floated overhead and began preparations’ calmly setting things up. A pathway led ahead with people going quickly into the temple and coming out as devils. The two waited in line as the Demons watched them carefully as they passed. The line now had ended and they arrived at the temple. A cackling voice was heard from inside. “Hee hee hee hee! next in line please!”

Aithne stepped into the temple, pausing a moment after stepping inside to let her eyes adjust to the lighting as she waited quietly for him to come in as well. He walked ahead of her into the temple and disappeared inside. She followed him the rest of way into the temple.

Inside the temple fire pits stayed in the middle as souls were collected and forged into demon warriors. Kvati walked along the side following the path to the end of the temple while demons forged weapons and the heat seemed to fill the air. Statues of war surrounded the area as others flew overhead. Far in the back was an old woman almost the same as Angela only her iris were a deep red. She smiled as he walked over. “Hoo ho ho ho! are you a volunteer human? Hmm you smell like Likwai. You’d make a great general!”

He shook his head. “Maybe when I’m dead. For now, I’d like to try the Demons Trail of power.”

A few of the demons snickered as Devillia grinned wildly. “Oh? Hah, you are quite young and wingless. What would you gain by helping us?”

He smirked. “If i get you power you can crush those know it all Angels. I just wanna see it happen.” Aithne looked to him silently, but in puzzlement. Did he not care which side was in power? She realized he was saying a similar sentiment as he had to Angela.

The demons seemed to look to him a bit with respect hearing his words. Devillia laughed and nodded. “You’re quite the optimist and more you’re very cute for a wingless, groundie, babe. Hah, very well, I’ll grant you my blessing into the demon lands. I warn you though if you trick us, I’ll take your soul from your body.”

He grinned. “As if I care about my life that much. We’re all running because of your fights. Just kill them and get it over with.”

Devillia laughed more, cackling loudly, then nodded. “That is the plan, however we wont truly kill them all. To keep chaos contain we must leave a few alive. Maybe.. one or two will do.”

He nodded. “Whatever. Then, I’m off.” He headed out, motioning her to follow him. “Let’s go.” She nodded and moved to follow him back out of the temple.

As they left the temple and made it outside a demon girl stop them. She sized him up and shook her head “Not worthy.. you’ve got no strength to be a general. what is the sister thinking.” Aithne stared at the girl, wondering what she wanted with him.

Kvati shook his head. “Wouldn’t do her any good indeed. You demons and angels are not worth my time.”

She growled. “How dare you! you will pay for your insult, grounder!” He rose his hand sending a strong gust of air around her in a circle. The air was so strong she started to gasp as it pulled the air in the circle out and choked her. “Ugh… ” She began to cough. “What… can’t breathe..”

He shook his head. “Learn your place, lesser demon. I am not your type.” He released the spell and she stumbled down, coughing. He then looked to her and waved walking off. “Let’s go.” Aithne blinked, surprised at his power, but followed after him with a slow nod.

they walked away as the demon girl snarled at him. They soon made it to the portal and outside. He sighed and looked around as the area was empty. “Looks like the town is empty. Where do I start…”

She looked over at him once they were safely back outside. “Can you answer me something first? What is it you are really aiming to do?”

He shook his head. “I can’t say it here. Lets get out of the watch of the crones..” He headed east going walking to the city exit.

She followed him out of the city, but her mind swirled a bit with questions. as she wondered about it. “Alright.”

As they left to the gate a trio of rough looking people walked toward them. They smirked as the trio stood in their way. The first man held out his hand. “Looks like we got our first catch of the day. Hand over some coins if you wanna get out of Bandit town.”

Kvati shook his head. “You’re serious? Not one minute when the people are gone, you bandits take it over?”