Incoming angry vent/ramble

just going to say this as a vent/ ramble – I bought my domain names fair and square. I use them for my blogs/websites. – their not empty and it’s insulting that the folks messaging over my domain names act like their not being used. – also just because I didn’t want to pay extra to have my information private for making it known i own those domains, DOES NOT mean you can just call me up and spam my phone number and spam my public email address – on file, advertising your services to me , that NOBODY FUCKING ASKED FOR!

So no. My domain names are NOT For SALE. I don’t give a flying fuck about your services because I”M NOT FUCKING INTERESTED, for the last damn time, and I don’t give a fuck what you are doing or if their free, i don’t care because i don’t want you or your services – anywhere near my domain names. their mine, fuck off.

If i wanted services, I’d fucking ask for them!!!!!!!!!!