Dear Hubby

I’ve heard your frustrations, felt your sighs, and know your exhausted mind.

It’s not been easy of late, that’s true. It’s been stressful, a little irritating, and wholly annoying, while simultaneously, a little overwhelming. With bills coming up, the on and off of food, and everything else piled up along with it, it’s been a crazy time.

But, I have never felt like we need to give up, that things are entirely hopeless, or that things won’t work out. We can ease into what comes our way and take things one day at a time. It’s okay to feel the aggravation, but as you say, don’t let them drag you down like crabs in a bucket. It’s going to work out and we can do this. Let’s just stick together, keep doing as we have, and it’ll pay off in the end, because come on, we’re us. and, we’re doing what we need to and are supposed to.