The natural world is full of magic and this is also true when it comes to plants and herbs.

Plants can both be used for magical purposes (a few marigold seeds under a pillow will help prevent bad dreams, for example) and mundane ones (aloe vera helps ease the pain of sunburns for example).

When cataloging plants and herbs, for a grimoire, I suggest including as many of their names as you can, including their scientific ones. Plant names vary a lot from region to region, so this is especially important if you add them to a shared book.

Some plants can harm as well as heal, so it’s important to record which ones are poisonous or harmful. There are a lot of plants used in spell work that can’t be consumed, for example, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I also suggest including a description of any plant you add to your grimoire, as well as a picture if possible, and noting of which part of the plant are safe or unsafe to use, as well as why.