Spell work

What is magic?:

Magic is hard to define, but anything that changes a person’s consciousness affects the outcome of an event, or contains that transforms is often thought of as magical.

Spellwork is often seen by witches as how we choose to interact with the deities and spirits, as well as the world around us.

When recording your spell work in your grimoire, start by writing down the purpose of your spell.

When something works, document it. Also document, the intent pf the spell, materials needed or used, operation ie. the words or instructions used in the spell, and the results.

In magic, we often get what we ask for, but it is not always in the manner we want.

Make detailed notes on what you use, including any substitutes and why they were used instead.

Besides words or spoken things, note any gestures or movements as well. Also include the phase of the moon or sun, the time of day, and if any spirits or deities were present.